6 easy ways to start your dae right!

The morning-time sets the tone for the day. Here are six easy ways to get a relaxing head start.

1. Meditate - Our favorite mediation apps that help you practice how to be still are Headspace and Calm

2. Move your body - whether this is going for a walk, heading to the gym, or a quick morning stretch - getting your body moving helps clear your mind.

3. Take a shower - Starting the morning with a refreshing shower can wake you up and help you shake off the sleep. Try dae's shampoo and conditioner that has a citrus scent to bring all the happy feelings.

4. Make your bed - Making your bed before leaving your room will leave you feeling just that much more put together for the day. Plus you'll get to return home to a clean room. 

5. Step outside barefoot - Look up 'grounding' and thank us later. ;)

6. Repeat a mantra - For ex: repeat "By being myself I bring happiness to others" while you're in the shower. We send out mantra cards with every daehair.com order! They stick right to your shower with a drop of water. 

Try these things out this week and have a beautiful dae! xoxo

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