April: Monthly Mantra Recap

This April we began sending out mantra cards with every order on daehair.com - they will change month to month and share positive affirmations (plus they're waterproof & stick in your shower!) We also shared ways to think in abundance over on our instagram! After encouraging an abundance centered mindset rather than a scarcity mindset, we asked you to share how altering your mindset impacted you this month. Here were some of our favorite answers...

"It really helped me get into a positive mindset for the day."

"It encouraged me to take advantage of opportunities that came my way this month!"

"Thinking with abundance really helped me control my fears/negative thoughts on an everyday basis."

"It changed the way I view myself and my life."

"This mindset helped and I tried to use it any time I had scarcity thoughts."

 We loved hearing from you guys and are so excited to continue sharing our monthly mantras. Stay tuned for May's mantra!

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