At dae we believe deeply in the power of positivity. We launched our mantra cards to share positive affirmations with you - they come free with every order and stick on your shower with a few water droplets!

Mantras are statements you repeat to help alter negative thoughts or emotions. Whether you receive a physical dae mantra card or not, we want to encourage implementing these mantras into everyday life. 

August's Mantra: “I am going to have a great day.”

This month, we're reminding you that thoughts become things. Start each morning by telling yourself it's going to be a great day - and see how the rest follows. Bad days happen and are nothing to beat yourself up over, but we each have the power to remind ourselves that a not-so-good-dae can be turned around for the better. Give yourself grace when things aren't going your way, and practice telling yourself that tomorrow brings new things and a fresh start. 

Save these wallpapers and give yourself a positive reminder each dae.

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