Gemini Season: Horoscopes for Every Sign

It's Gemini season, daedreamers! Read your horoscope to see what this month will be looking like for you...

Characteristics of a Gemini:

The social butterflies of the zodiac, Geminis are known for switching it up from one interest to the next, their world is both a playground and a school. They often have a wide variety of interests and hobbies because they prefer to have their mind entertained at all times. Geminis are the curious observers; they pick up on everything around them, which makes them great at communication, design and friendships. They’re the networkers in their group of friends, which might result in them feeling pulled in many directions and confused about their true identity. Learning to be true to themselves and speak from their hearts is an important lesson for Geminis.

Horoscopes for Gemini Season for each sign: 


Exciting things are happening in your networks and communication projects. You might also be thinking about your long-term plans like taking a trip or going back to school. While mercury is in retrograde, be sure to double check all your details and watch out for crazy dreams and miscommunications. Lead with your instincts, Aries. Don’t second guess your inspirations and genius! 


You’ll be recounting all of the things you consider valuable and cleaning out the things that don’t spark joy! Finding friends you vibe with who share the same values and gaining greater intimacy in your romantic relationships will be the focus of this time. It’s also time to get practical on your habits, don’t let all this imaginative energy go to waste, use it to level-up at work. 


Your sense of self and who you are in relationships is getting the spotlight this month! It’s time to establish yourself and distinguish who you are at work versus who you really want to be. You also might be contemplating changing up your appearance in some way, put the scissors down...even though we think you’d look great with bangs! Happy b-day Gemini babes!


You’re looking inward right now and focusing on how to let go of the past and step into your power. What subconscious programming can you release? Healthier lifestyle habits will shift into greater importance for you this month. Trust your intuition to lead you to the life changes you’re craving. 


The creative projects of your dreams are in the works, Leo. It’s important for you to reach out to your network for both auspicious connections and healthy boundary setting. When you honor your boundaries it shows others how to honor them, too. You’re creating a lot of new things but you’re also being asked to let go of others. Trust that it’s all happening for you. 


You’re getting recognized for your gifts and service to others this month. Work projects and opportunities might feel at odds with family commitments. Set intentions for everything you do, even if it’s a quick mantra before walking into a meeting or sitting down for dinner with your friends. Life is all about relationships and you’re learning how to balance all different types! The people in your sphere are drawn in by your practical advice and grounded wisdom.


You might be investing in training and other tools that bring self-awareness and healing into your life. The minor details will come into view as you focus on the sacred rituals in your life and what they mean to you. Take your time deciding what you truly want, what fills up your cup and know there is plenty of time to make these decisions.


This month can bring up some soul-searching for you. Try not to get too fixated on how things turn out and instead try to find comfort in the things that bring you pleasure. Lose yourself in a creative project and make something for the sake of creating. You’re being asked to make lemons from lemonade and there is no one out there better equipped for the job!


The way you express yourself inwardly versus how you act in your relationships will no longer be different. You’re being asked to authenticate your self expression and intimacy. It’s all to bring you the freedom you crave. Vulnerable expression opens up a world of possibilities and connections! Release the expectations you have on yourself and others and watch what blooms just in time for summer. 


Your routines are getting a makeover this month, Capricorn. Brainstorm some different ways to take better care of your mental and physical health and be sure to include good rest into the new regimen. You’ll be thinking of all of the different ways you can help others but it’s important you tend to yourself first. Sometimes the behind the scenes work is the most important!


You're feeling playful and ready to get out there and mingle! Your network is expanding and you’re refining who you feel comfortable expressing your true self to. Of all the signs, you understand the beauty of authentic expression, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without self-consciousness. This month, you’ll be getting a boost of confidence from your friend groups that helps you feel loved and empowered to create! 


Despite it being hot girl summer you’re feeling inclined to make your home your sanctuary. You’ll be craving more alone time and time with your family or people you have chosen as family. This month may have you reminiscing on your roots and place of origin, you might also be doing some soul-searching on where you're heading. Send love to where you’ve come from and where you’re heading. 

Special thanks to Eldest Sister Astrology for these Gemini horoscopes! 

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