GET THIS: Amber’s vision deck template

Hey daedreamers,

Amber here! A couple of weeks ago, I showed you snippets of my vision deck, and so many of you had questions about it that I wanted to share my template. In the past, I created my vision decks in Google Docs, binders, and notebooks. But recently, I started making them in Keynote, because it lets you design a whole visual presentation, including photos, lists, and goals! 

I’m really big on living life in the present, but I also like to spend dedicated amounts of time mapping out what I want my future to look like and how I’ll get there. Doing this fills me with purpose and motivation, and I hope it helps you do the same. This particular template takes you four years out but feel free to keep going! I truly believe it’s all the little things that add up to the big things. 

Thank you for supporting this dream of mine. I’m so passionate about building a company and community that makes your dae better! 


Download Keynote Template >

Download Powerpoint Template >

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