Heal hair while you snooze

Nighttime routines can either hurt or help our hair health in a big way. So, add these easy, accessible haircare tips while you prep for some quality time with your pillow: 

Use a treatment

Many of us struggle with dry hair—whether it’s damage from heat, color treatments, or split ends, that frizzy texture can be totally frustrating. Lather your locks in a deep conditioner right before you climb into bed for a blast of hydration.

Let your hair down

Loosen up those hair ties before your head hits the pillow. Sleeping with a tight ponytail can damage roots and cause breakage. Instead, try a loose bun, braid, or just wear it down. 

Shower earlier 

Sleeping with a wet head is a no-no. Your hair is at its weakest when wet—so having moisture in your hair is directly linked to breakage, especially if you toss and turn while you snooze. Try to wash your hair a few hours before you hit the hay to ensure your locks will be dry by bedtime. 

Try a silk pillowcase

Silk is far smoother than cotton, which means it’s softer on your strands.  Swapping your pillowcase for silk combats frizz, breakage, split ends, and tangles. Plus, cotton soaks up the moisture in your hair whereas silk helps keep the moisture where it belongs. 

Brush before bed

Your teeth aren’t the only thing you should brush before bed. Running a wide-tooth comb through your hair before you hit the sheets will brush out snarls, which helps to prevent hair from tangling when you make contact with the pillow. 

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