How to Protect Your Hair from Heat

June 21 marks the first official day of summer, and here in the desert, temperatures are soaring past 90°F almost daely. (Helloooo, sunshine!) Needless to say, heat is top of mind. So what better time to spill our secrets on how to avoid its damage? Read on for six tried-and-true tips!

1. Strengthen the hair barrier 

In order to withstand heat without breaking, your hair has to be super strong. That’s where Signature Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Treatment come in. The trick is to use Signature Conditioner regularly, allowing its blend of moringa seed oil, false daisy extract, and coconut oil to nourish, lock in moisture, and gently detangle to prevent future damage. Then, at least once a week, swap it out for Deep Conditioning Treatment. In a mere 5-10 minutes, it will deliver an extra surge of moisture to repair and strengthen damaged hair, improve shine and elasticity, and restore smoothness. 

2. Keep a heat protectant on hand

Cactus Flower Leave-In Conditioner is the ultimate heat protectant. Infused with a rich blend of desert botanicals, the restorative formula protects hair of all types and textures against temperatures up to 450°F. All you have to do is mist it evenly through damp hair before blow drying and voilà! Your work is done. In addition to protecting your hair from heat, Cactus Flower Leave-In Conditioner will also work to prevent and repair damaged strands and enhance shine, softness, and manageability. 

3. Invest in a high-quality hair dryer

The better the hair dryer, the quicker your hair will dry—and less heat exposure is exactly what we’re aiming for! As a general rule, if your hair dryer offers a wattage of 1800 or above, you’re in the clear. You should also check to see if it features ionic technology or far-infrared heat. The science is a little tricky, but both of these technologies really help cut down on drying time. 

4. Embrace air drying 

Who said air dried hair can’t look as cute as heat styled hair? Not us—in fact, we made two different products to enhance it! The first is Prickly Pear Hair Oil, which can be used on damp hair as a breakage remedy, all while adding shine and calming frizz. To use it, simply start with one pump, smooth it over damp strands, and repeat as needed. The second is Cactus Fruit 3-In-1 Styling Cream, whose hydrating botanicals add polish, moisturize, and tame frizz. To see it in action, just run a small amount through damp hair and be on your way! 

5. Use the proper heat setting

Have your flat iron turned up to its highest heat setting? Depending on your hair type, it might be time to turn it down. Here’s a general temperature guide: 

Fine/fragile hair: 250°F – 300°F
Thin: 300°F – 330°F
Chemically treated hair: 330°F – 350°F
Normal: 330°F – 350°F
Wavy: 350°F – 370°F
Coarse: 370°F – 410°F
Very thick: 410°F – 460°F

Our best advice? Start at a low temperature and see how things go. As tempting as it might be to blast the heat and speed thing along, overexposure will only cause damage—and (hair) heartbreak. 

6. Treat yourself to a hair mask  

Your hair is bound to crave moisture after heat styling, which is one of the many reasons we created Monsoon Moisture Mask. It soaks dry hair like the desert after a downpour with hydrating oils and strengthening botanicals like prickly pear seed oil, cactus flower extract, and cocoa seed butter. The ingredients then work together to provide intense hydration, strengthen hair elasticity, help prevent future damage, and leave hair super glossy and smooth. 

Ready to protect your hair from the heat? Our clean haircare is waiting! 


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