How to rehydrate dry + brittle hair

Whether your hair has always been on the dry side, or you’ve dabbled with hair heating tools, colored your hair regularly, or shampooed too often, having dry and brittle hair isn’t uncommon. 

Some signs of dry, damaged hair can include:

  • Dullness
  • Split ends
  • Brittle texture
  • Itchy scalp
  • Dandruff 
  • Frizzy

If you have one (or multiple) of these concerns, never fear—dry hair can be reversed with the proper care, products, and commitment to the cause. 

Add a hair mask

Hair masks are especially beneficial for dry hair—they’re designed to hydrate and nourish your locks, improve scalp health, and strengthen strands. Plus, they’re effective and easy to use at home. We suggest adding the Monsoon Moisture Mask into your routine once a week to give your hair the TLC it needs to get back on track. It’s made with hydrating ingredients that treat moisture resistant hair to improve texture, elasticity and manageability. 

Ease up on heat

Gone are the days of extreme straightening. Natural curls are back in style (oh, how we missed you) and there’s no better time to rock air-dried hair. Plus, heating tools can do serious damage to your hair health. When you use heat hair tools over 300°F, the keratin in your hair begins to melt on a molecular level…and it’s not reversible *gasp.*

If your hair already has serious heat damage, try getting a cut and go easy on the heated tools for a while. If you need to use heat, the Dae Cactus Flower Leave-In Conditioner is designed to protect hair up to  450°F. 

Monsoon Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner

Not all shampoo is created equal. If your hair gets dry instead of greasy in between washes, invest in a hydrating daely duo for when wash day rolls around. The Monsoon Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner is designed to rehydrate hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. This moisturizing combo will repair split ends and build strength in the shaft of each hair once again to prevent breakage. 

Swap your pillowcase

Brittle hair is more likely to break, especially when you lie on it night after night, creating creases as you sleep. When you swap out your pillowcase for silk, say so long to frizz, snagging, and—you guessed it—damage. Silk pillowcases are friction-free, so your hair can move freely through the night. Silk is also designed to help hair retain its natural moisture and minimize static, unlike cotton or linen. 

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