Ingredient Spotlight: Cactus Flower Extract

Cacti can thrive in extremely dry temperatures and that alone should account for something. Beneath its notoriously spiky surface, this plant has an impressive ability to retain water—a quality we all crave for our skin and hair. 

Thanks to rich amounts of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, linoleic acid, fatty acids, and oleic acid, cacti are able to absorb moisture and store it for months at a time. Because of its high nutrient content, the benefits of cactus flower extract are quite impressive—here are a few of our faves: 

Treats hair damage

Cactus is a natural moisturizer that helps rehydrate dry and brittle hair. Used as a treatment or hair mask, this ingredient can soften and repair your strands. It coats follicles with layers of protection, leaving your locks shiny and strong. 

Promotes a healthier scalp

Your scalp needs moisture as much as your hair does. Due to its high content of fatty acid and vitamin E, cactus flower extract gives your scalp protection and hydration, combats dandruff, and helps regulate levels of sebum for just the right amount of natural oil. 

Boosts hair growth

A healthy scalp = hair growth. Made with Omega Fatty Acids and iron, cactus oil can stimulate cell growth. It can also prevent hair loss: win-win! 

Oh, and it’s 100% natural. With so many benefits, we couldn’t resist putting cactus flower extract into Dae products. We’ve even created a leave-in conditioner that stars this incredible ingredient. This botanical blend not only softens hair and prevents breakage, but it also protects your locks from heat of up to 450 degrees. 

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