Introducing dae Monthly Mantras

At dae we believe deeply in the power of positivity. We recently launched our monthly mantra cards to share positive affirmations on the dae-ly with you - they come free with every order and stick right on your shower with just a few water droplets!

Mantras are statements you repeat to help alter negative thoughts or emotions. Whether you receive a physical dae mantra card or not, we want to encourage implementing these mantras into everyday life.  

April’s Mantra: “I am surrounded by beauty and abundance”. 

This month, we’re encouraging an abundance centered mindset rather than a scarcity mindset. A scarcity focused mentality believes there isn’t enough while an abundance mentality believes there is always more. 

Switching your mindset from scarcity to abundance is important in achieving your own definition of success. While scarcity says things are overwhelming or out of control, thinking with abundance is a reminder you are in control of how you choose to react and view every circumstance.


Here are some ways we’re thinking with abundance rather than scarcity: 

  • Scarcity says competition. Abundance says collaboration
  • Scarcity says “I can’t do it”. Abundance says I’m determined to learn.
  • Scarcity keeps knowledge to themselves. Abundance gives knowledge and shares freely with others.

  • It takes practice, but training an abundance focused mindset opens up a whole new outlook of appreciation, happiness and acceptance. You’re no longer holding yourself back, you’re springing yourself forward. You’ll catch yourself smiling more, being happy for other people's accomplishments, enjoying what you have and taking action in what you want. 


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