May's Monthly Mantra: Confidence

At dae we believe deeply in the power of positivity. Last month we launched our mantra cards to share positive affirmations with you - they come free with every order and stick on your shower with a few water droplets!

Mantras are statements you repeat to help alter negative thoughts or emotions. Whether you receive a physical dae mantra card or not, we want to encourage implementing these mantras into everyday life.  

May's Mantra: “I am confident in myself and my abilities”.

Confidence and believing in your own potential is a journey that looks different for everyone. We aren't here to tell you that you should never have a bad day, or that you will never feel down on yourself again - but what we are here to do is encourage you to try and speak kindly to yourself. Taking the first step in allowing yourself to feel confident will bear fruit in so many ways - the first is gaining comfortability with self confidence. Self confidence comes when you stop caring what people think and start caring about what you think. The key is to make your opinion of yourself more important than anyone else’s. Waiting for the approval of others can only result in holding back. Choosing confidence in yourself and your endeavors will free you from dwelling on what you can't do, and encourage you to focus on the endless opportunities of what you can. 


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