July's Monthly Mantra: Positive Self Talk

At dae we believe deeply in the power of positivity. We launched our mantra cards to share positive affirmations with you - they come free with every daehair.com order and stick on your shower with a few water droplets!

Mantras are statements you repeat to help alter negative thoughts or emotions. Whether you receive a physical dae mantra card or not, we want to encourage implementing these mantras into everyday life. 

July’s Mantra: “I have the power to control my thoughts.”

Picture this. What if you talked to yourself/encouraged yourself the way you did to others? How would you speak to yourself after making a mistake.. after saying something in the "wrong" way.. before a big interview?? How much more encouraged would you feel and how much more grace would you allow for growth and imperfection? The inner voice that constantly speaks to us can tend to lean towards negativity and self-criticism. Catching negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones takes a bit of practice - but it is a battle that can be won. Try this... each time you catch yourself using negative self talk - press the imaginary reset button and force yourself to turn it into a positive sentence. Easier said than done, but good things take time and practice - and being your own personal hype man is a good thing.

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