June's Monthly Mantra: Authenticity

At dae we believe deeply in the power of positivity. We launched our mantra cards to share positive affirmations with you - they come free with every daehair.com order and stick on your shower with a few water droplets!

Mantras are statements you repeat to help alter negative thoughts or emotions. Whether you receive a physical dae mantra card or not, we want to encourage implementing these mantras into everyday life. 

June’s Mantra: “By being myself I bring happiness to others.”

Authenticity AKA acting from our truest form of self takes intentional practice. Outside expectations that pressure us to conform to who or what we feel like we need to be or act like can get in the way of us living authentically as the person we are meant to be. We are all unique in SO many ways, and as cheesy or repetitive as that can sound - that is something very special. Learning who we are at the core helps us to be comfortable in our own skin. Once we are comfortable loving ourselves, loving others is a lot easier. 

Join us this month in deeper self discovery as we provide some ways to help get to know yourself just a little bit better.

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