Post-workout haircare tips

If you workout more often than you want to wash your hair, it can be hard to maintain that fresh-out-the-shower hairstyle. Add these tips to your haircare rotation for fresh locks that look good from early mornings at the gym to post-work drinks with friends. 

Loosen up

First and foremost, a tight ponytail puts strain on your roots and causes breakage. Plus, it locks sweat into your scalp more than a breathable hairstyle will. Even though it’s tempting to toss your hair up before you hit the treadmill, try a braid or low bun instead. 

Swap it for a scrunchie 

A traditional hair tie is rough and causes damage—plus it leaves an ugly dent in your hair when you take it out. Instead, grab a scrunchie. It’s far more forgiving and wrapped in a gentle fabric for minimal breakage. 

Use a hair mask

If you’re planning on a post-workout wash, think ahead with a deep conditioner. It’s formulated to hydrate those dry, damaged strands for strong and healthy hair. While you exercise and your body heats up, your pores open and allow the conditioner to penetrate even deeper into your scalp. 

Try low-impact workouts

Walks, pilates, and yoga are a few effective workouts that cause minimal sweat, which means you can put off cleaning your hair for a while longer—save those HIIT workouts for when wash day rolls around. 

Dry shampoo pre-workout

We’ve all tried to salvage sweaty, greasy hair with dry shampoo. But what about before a workout? Dry shampoo is designed to soak up oils and grease—it’s a great preventative product that absorbs sweat during a workout session. 

Let your hair down

As soon as your workout ends, undo your braids and buns to let your locks breathe. Not only does this prevent breakage and kinks, but it gives your hair the chance to cool down before sweat builds up. 

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