September self-care: reset for the fall season

As the new season rolls around, there’s a chill in the air. You start to pull your sweaters out of storage and emotionally prepare yourself for winter which is officially right around the corner. Even if “back to school” is just a fond memory for you, September is still a great opportunity for a fresh slate as you welcome a new season—try these 3 simple strategies for a positive start to September. 

Wardrobe detox 

Getting a few new outfits for the school year was a treat growing up. Bring that excitement back by organizing your closet for a clean slate at home. Commit a full day to take everything out of your closet and build a pile of things to donate. Your closet will look far cleaner, you’ll declutter your space—plus, you’ll make room for a few new things you’ve had on your wish list.  

Set a goal

A sense of accomplishment is important for morale, especially after summertime when we tend to let our goals slip away from us. Whether you aim for a milestone at work, sign up for a class to try a new skill, or simply commit to a hair mask every Sunday, the discipline to achieve something boosts confidence, gives us control and helps us feel more successful. 

Treat yourself

Book a weekend vacation. Get a pedicure. Do a DIY spa day with some candles, a bubble bath, and the Dae Duo Signature Set. It’s essential to make time for pampering every so often. It’s easy to slip into the mundane motions of day-to-day life, so treating yourself to something special can refresh your perspective, energy, and self-confidence. 

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