The Magical Hair-Healing Moringa Seed Oil

The Moringa Oleifera Tree originates in India but is cultivated around the world because of how useful it is. Aside from its white flowers being strikingly beautiful in full bloom, this exotic tree is packed with nutrients, minerals, Vitamin C and other antioxidants. From cooking to skincare, the oil produced from this tree has been used for centuries. 

While it originally started building traction in the skincare community, Moringa oil is quickly making its way onto the ingredient list of haircare’s most popular and prominent brands. This dense, fatty oil has an earthy scent that’s 100% natural, making it that much more appealing to haircare connoisseurs. 


From hair growth to scalp health, Moringa oil is chalk full of healthy compounds—it’s the magic elixir of great hair. Check out this breakdown of it’s ingredients and their benefits:

Oleic acid: helps calm, balance, and repair the skin and scalp

Omega-3 fatty acid: Promotes hair growth

Behenic acid: Boosts shine and elasticity

Amino acids: Repairs split ends

Zinc: Helps with restructuring and strengthening hair

Vitamin C & E: Helps hair retain its color (yes, it even prevents graying)

With an endless supply of good-for-you ingredients, Moringa oil is not to be missed, which is why Dae has a variety of haircare products that rely on its proven success. From dry and brittle to colored-treated, this hydrating, healing oil is great for all hair types thanks to its gentle properties. It can be used as often as you want—from weekly scalp treatments to daily conditioners. 


Add these Dae products to your shopping list for a dose of Moringa oil in your hair routine: 

Cactus Flower Leave-In Conditioner: Provides protection for up to 450 degrees while preventing damage and repairing split ends, all while enhancing shine and softness. 

Prickly Pear Seed Oil: Use it on dry hair for a smooth, shiny finish, or run it through damp hair to prevent damage as an overnight repair treatment. 

Deep Conditioning Treatment: Double down on hydration when your hair needs an extra hit of moisture to over-processed strands for stronger, healthier hair. 

Signature Conditioner: If your hair needs daily hydration from using hot tools, sitting in sun exposure, or using chemical treatments, add this blend of essential oils (and no synthetics) to your routine. 

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