Meet the new Violet Hour Purple Shampoo

You’ll be tickled pink with this purple shampoo. Our new Violet Hour Purple Shampoo uses rich purple pigments to enhance color for blonde, gray, and lightened brunette hair.  

This clean, vegan formula uses desert botanicals like quinoa protein, cactus flower extract, and moringa leaf extract to enhance the depth and dimension of your locks, all while pumping your hair full of hydration. Purple shampoo is crucial for highlighted hair, especially if it’s not your natural color. Dying your hair makes it become porous and susceptible to damage—it dries out fast and can turn brassy when there are too many warm pigments. Keep your hair fresh, healthy, and glowing with purple shampoo. 

How does it work?

Purple shampoo is made up of violet pigments that offset your hair from becoming too brassy. Because these two colors sit on opposite sides of the color wheel, the violet helps to counteract those yellow strands. Purple shampoo can’t change the actual color of your hair, so don’t try to substitute it with a visit to the salon. This is simply a tool to color-correct and neutralize unwanted pigments from coming through. 

How do you use it? 

Our gentle formula should be used 1-2 times per week depending on how much your tone needs to be corrected. We suggest starting off with a small piece of hair to see how much time and product your hair needs. Simply wet your hair and lather the shampoo into your locks, letting it sit for 2-3 minutes. Follow up with your favorite conditioner (we suggest the Monsoon Moisture Conditioner for an extra blast of hydration on colored hair). 

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